Wednesday, March 03, 2004

ZETA-JONES TOLD TO GO FAX HERSELF: It's always nice to report on someone with the bollocks to stand up to an incredibly rich, insensitive person, and even more so when that person is Catherine Zeta-Jones*who objected to someone running a business next to a house that she doesn't live in and hasn't even been built yet. Apparently, the fear that someone delivering a parcel to the building next to her parent's future mansion might glimpse a visiting CZJ was giving her kittens, and she demanded that the neighbour be forced to close, or move his business. We don't think she cared very much what happened to him, frankly, as he had no Hollywood connections. Happily, the planning committee at Swansea Council decided not to give in to Zeta's bleating, and the bloke is going to be allowed to carry on earning a living.

Of course, if Catherine really wants to make sure nobody spots her as she goes about her daily, hugely important business, she could consider relocating somewhere less busy. We would suggest the moon, but she'd probably want to stop anyone looking into the sky.

* - yes, unfortunately she does count as a pop star; surely you've not forgotten her wonderful duet with David Essex?

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