Monday, April 19, 2004

"IT'S WHAT JOHN WOULD HAVE WANTED. APART FROM NOT BEING SHOT, OF COURSE": Rabiah Seminole is flogging off John Lennon's last autograph (which also features his last ever piece of 'art'work) in order to fund her horse sanctuary. Now, we think it's a great idea - if someone is prepared to cough up the expected GBP180,000 for the bit of paper, that's going to buy a lot of hay, but it's especially nice to hear Seminole's justification for the sale: "I didn't want to capitalise on John's death but he was a nature lover and I think he would have wanted me to sell it for the horses." John's Beatle career did, briefly, call upon him to ride a horse, so that might be the case; we just think it's sweet that there's one person in the world who still feels slightly ashamed about the prospect of trading off John Lennon's corpse, even for a good cause. Yoko and, oh, I don't know, Liverpool Airport might want to stare at their feet for a moment or two.

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