Friday, May 28, 2004

GIRLS RELOADED: So, much has been made of the forthcoming attempt to relaunch Girls Aloud for their new single, and a picture is circulating showing their "new image":

smil... oh, never mind

Nicola looks really, really pissed off - as if she can't believe she's lumbered with hanging on in this car crash when she could be doing pantomime in Minehead. The others seem to be pitching for a role as Victoria Beckham on Dead Ringers.

But really, our first thought on seeing the bright colours and plastic bag chic was this:

one was Bob Holderness' daughter, you know

... they've turned into Toto Coelo.

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JG said...

Jesus Christ. Did Toto Coelo actually look like that? Possibly just as well I never saw them at the time, otherwise I might've had to reassess my fondness for "I Eat Cannibals" (look, I was seven years old at the time and didn't know any better)...

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