Friday, May 28, 2004

TELL YOUR AUNTY OPRAH ALL ABOUT IT: George Michael is still eating healthy lunches off the back of his being caught with his cock in a cop incident, despite the fact it all happened so long ago, it's almost as if nobody can remember a time when he wasn't gay. This week he's been banging on about it to Oprah:

"I just plummeted into deep, deep depression. I mean my God, why didn't I just sit with a journalist and say, 'I am gay.'"

Maybe you thought that since it screamed from every pore of your being saying it out loud would be redundant?

Of course, George thinks he might have been set-up:

"I went into the bathroom when there was no one in it and the policeman came in after me. They don't send Columbo in there; they send someone really nice looking."

Erm... yes, George, chances are the cop didn't just happen to be there with his cock out by accident. And, generally, they would send the pretty cops out on such duties. Your understanding of the criminal justice system is incredible. Having said which, wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when they're handing out that duty in the roll call? All these cops sat trying to look as unpretty as possible...

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