Wednesday, May 05, 2004

NOT SO SUPERSONIC: Liam Gallagher has issued a statement - oh, come on, surely he must have got a grown up to help him? - denying that he's forming a supergroup at all - not because him, Squire and George's kid aren't so super, either:

"The welcome heat of Sunday's weather in London must have got to the editorial staff at The Sun newspaper, so much so that they dreamed up a bizarre story about Liam Gallagher forming a supergroup with John Squire.
Liam is already in a supergroup called Oasis, and far from taking a break in London, as The Sun story would have us believe, he is busy and recording and mixing the next Oasis album, due for release later this year."

Hope he checked with Noel that he was still in Oasis before sending that out. More to the point, do Oasis count as a "supergroup"? They do include two members who used to be in better acts (Andy from Ride and Gem from Heavy Stereo - hey, we said better, not brilliant) and you could argue that the habit of releasing poorly written histrionic songs displaying the mistaken belief that they're some kind of working class spokesperson suggests that if he was still alive, Lennon would be on board, but "supergroup"?

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