Wednesday, May 05, 2004

SCISSOR SISTER'S BRIEF SPELL AS 'FASHIONABLE' DECLARED OFFICIALLY OVER: Oh, Scissor Sisters, you were going so well, managing to pass off a video like Talking Heads would have churned out twenty years ago as somehow fresh, and for a few short weeks giving hope to The Honourable Division of Dungaree Manufacturers that they could be about to crossover out of the Playschool Presenter/Lesbian ghetto market. And then this lot turned up for your Attitude 10th Birthday bash last night: Elton John, George Michael, Will Young, Paul O'Grady, Alex Parks, Cilla Black and Lulu. Jesus christ - was Ned Sherrin busy?

Actually, it's curious why so many people would turn out to support Attitude's birthday anyway, what with publisher Richard Desmond having overseen the disgraceful Daily Star coverage of the Corrie gay kiss and his little "all Germans are Nazis" outbursts. Desmond might not have much to do with the daily running of the magazine - he once suggested they try and boost the circulation of the title by putting girls on the cover - but even so: bit much to drink his wine and eat his canapes, surely?

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