Monday, May 24, 2004

NOW, THAT'S JUST PUTTING IDEAS INTO HIS HEAD: Michael Jackson is a bit miffed that his level of bail has been set at three million bucks when, really, charges of playing with a sleeping boy's peepee and so on should really only command a bail fee of about half a million. We're not sure why Jacko's so pissed off at this - surely it would only be an issue if he decided to flee anyway? Although that's what the local DA suggests he might be planning, saying that Jacko might consider the life of a wealthy absconder preferable to seeing out his days down in the county jail; the DA argues that a rich guy should have a steep bail surety. The prosecution's motion observes:

"Mr. Jackson is known and adored — 'adored' is not too strong a word — in many of the countries of Europe, the Near East and Africa... Several of those countries do not have extradition treaties with the United States. ... he may well conclude that life as a wealthy absconder in one of these countries is preferable to what might amount to a life term in a California prison." Added to which, his dwindling American fortune would stretch a lot further in some other countries - although we're not sure there's very many places that would really welcome Jacko with open arms and a "Help yourself to our kids" banner. Although we'd kind of like to see him trying to move into Paulsgrove.

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