Monday, June 28, 2004

AT LAST, SOMEONE STANDS UP TO THE CLOWNS: We can't really pretend to understand all the cultural nuances at play here, but we do understand that Nebraksan Country singer Michael Martin Murphey is taking a stand against clowns, and therefore deserves all our support. He's sadly not launching his campaign on the grounds that they're rubbish and creepy, but during his acceptance of the Buffalo Bill Award at the Nebraskaland Days festival he attacked the clown's bawdy humour. The North Platte Telegraph, who know news when they smell it, gave the opportunity for him to expand on his theme, and:

"Murphey sent a letter stating that he was "disappointed, dismayed, shocked and sickened to hear the extremely dirty, smutty, below-the-belt 'humor' of the rodeo clowns."
Audience member Sue Elmshaeuser said the clowns dumped out a suitcase of women's underwear and bras and then dragged them around the arena. Another clown who was dressed as a woman used large balloons for breasts, she said.

Well, you can see how that would upset a man. Let's hope he never finds himself in Dublin when the stags and hens are out.

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