Monday, June 28, 2004

MORE GLASTO SHOTS: Robert Price's blog has got some shots taken with, and posted by, mobile camera phone from this year's festival. I think Robert would be the first to admit that they're not likely to be snapped up for the cover of this week's OK, but it gives you prickles just to see what technology can do these days. (Muttering "when I went to Glasotnbury the first time, you couldn't even get the daily papers, never mind post to the internet from the fields...")

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Robert Price said...

Ok, maybe not the cover, but we're talking a centre page spread here :-)

The pictures came live from a Nokia 7250 phone, which unfortunately doesn't have the best camera in the world as the images were only meant to be viewed on a tiny phone screen.

However, I'm due for an phone upgrade soon, and next year the pictures will hopefully be of a far higher quality.

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