Thursday, June 03, 2004

BROTHER BEYOND THE PALE: What surprises us most about Nathan Moore being caught kerb crawling is this: how on earth can someone from Brother Beyond have the money for hookers?

Apparently, Nathan had the bad luck to be sniffing round while Camden was having a crackdown on prostitution (prostitution, flyposting - they're really having a crack at gentrification, aren't they?)

Moore - who went on for a stint with Worlds Apart and now manages James Fox and Phixx (still no clearer where he's getting the cash from, then)- has been charged with "being a man soliciting a woman for the purposes of prostitution from a motor vehicle while it was in a street or public place, persistently or in such circumstances as to be likely to cause annoyance to the woman solicited or nuisance to other persons in the neighbourhood." If only he hadn't kept playing Phixx on his car stereo, he might have gotten away with it.

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