Monday, June 28, 2004

FLIPPING HIS HATCH: How much money is the RIAA paying Senator Orrin Hatch? Or, if its not money, what the hell is he doing in the photos they must have of him? He's proposing a tightening of copyright laws in the US - because, you know, they're so loose right now - which would make it a crime to manufacture or sell a device which "intentionally induces copyright infringement" - in other words, if you sell an MP3 player, you're a criminal, pal, because it might tempt people to play uncleared mp3s on them. Hatch seems convinced that people buy PCs and are unaware what they, or P2P software might do - it's all about protecting the users from their machines. Maybe someone ought to slip round and suggest Mr. Hatch stop watching Demon Seed every weekend.

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Ellis said...

Simon, you are absolutely, consistantly brillant. I thank you for the daily roll of my eyes, and the softening of my smile.

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