Friday, June 04, 2004

HE'S COMING FOR AMERICA: "Cullum Is Different Kind of Jazz Star" warns Associated Press. Yes, a demonic one. Don't look in his eyes:

"For me, jazz is the widest platform possible to do everything I want to do. I can pull from so many camps when I'm playing jazz ... from rock 'n' roll, pop, hip-hop, dance and classical. When I was playing rock 'n' roll, it was much more rigid. ... In jazz, I can be different every night."

Can be; chooses not to be, apparently.

Although AP seems to be just doing a welcoming puff piece, we suspect they did sneak in this coded message:

Cullum's CD hardly captures the excitement of his live performances. He is no "scooby-doo" style crooner, but more like "Scrappy Doo"

Now, comparing Cullum to the most irritating, ill-conceived cartoon character - remembered only for turning up and spoiling everything - has to be a signal, doesn't it?

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