Tuesday, June 29, 2004

THE ONWARD MARCH OF THE "NEW BRITNEY SPEARS": Arriving now on the seemingly endless trail of vapid young girls convinced that they have what it takes to be the next Britney: Brooke Hogan - or Brooke Bollea - girlfriend of Aaron Carter and daughter, oh yes, of Hulk Hogan. (You might notice how she's decided to adopt his stage name, although not the Hulk part yet.) If she deserves any credit, it's for not taking "You're not very good" as an answer:

"Brooke had tried out for both "Star Search" and "American Idol" though didn't get picked, even with her name and father Hulk's connections. Brooke said that she realized her father could open some doors for her, but she has to have enough talent to get through those doors. There will be a Brooke Hogan special on MTV next month. In the article, Brooke also made the comment that she has the potential to be ten times bigger than Britney Spears."

We're sure that's just an unflattering photo.

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