Tuesday, July 20, 2004

DON'T TAKE ON THE CLIFF FANS: A company called GetMeTickets had a nice little sideline going flogging tickets to desperate fans, and then sticking on a massive VAT charge on top of their premium rates. It was all going so well, until they tried to charge a Cliff Richard fan GBP646.24 for tickets it had advertised as GBP550 all-in. Sonia Sweirzbinki had been happy to pay the 550 quid for the 40 pounds tickets because she loves Cliff, but she wasn't so daft as to take an extra hundred without a fight, especially since she'd been told that there would be no charges above that published in the paper. The company director Michael Rangos then put the phone down on her when she rang to complain, which turns out to have been rather an expensive mistake - her next call was to to Trading Standards, and the result? A four thousand quid fine for the company. First rule of business, Mr. Rangos: don't piss off people who are determined enough to pay ten times the face value of tickets - they don't tend to roll over that easily.


Anonymous said...

I fell in a way that Michael Rangos had lost his brain on his way to Amarillo..! I remember a friend who ordered some tickets to a Destiny's Child concert.. only to recieve tickets to a Rod Stewart concert.. Rangos wanted £5000 for the tickets to be exchanged. I thought from the looks of that guy.. Either he wants to rip-off everyone.. or he wants to put the music artists out of business. My answer is, both of them! Well, Rangos..! If you're reading this message. If you're clever enough to rip off my friend for £5000.. I'll let you walk the streets naked for £100,000.

Anonymous said...

Michael Rangos is probably one of the worst ticket seller in the whole wide world. The amount of times we see this guy sitting down looking so innocent in front of TV Presenter Nicky Campbell on Watchdog.. behind that smile.. he's just a greedy bastard. When was the last that man grew hair.
Probably his Mum will have a him a wig. The amount of money this guy charges for tickets is nothing compaired to as what the Conversatives did when they came up with the poll tax. This guy will do anything to get his money.. But unfortunately, the amount of time this guy has gone to court, pay the fine. He comes out and starts again.
Rangos? I feel a lot better if you sweep the roads and pick up litter from the floor. If not, you can clean the public toilets with your tongue!

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