Tuesday, July 20, 2004

THERE WILL BE A RELEASE FROM SING-SING: Good news from Sing-Sing, who, you'll recall, had issued a cash-strapped warning that unless they could sell their old records, they wouldn't have enough to make a new one. Turns out it's worked:

You know when celebrities say when they have won an award, “I couldn’t have done it without my fans”? Well, literally – we could not have done it without you guys. Some of you already know this but we are making Sing-Sing album number 2! Yes, our appeal raised enough cash for us to go back into the studio and record the songs that have waited to be recorded all this time. The response was really beyond our wildest dreams so we both want to say a big THANK-YOU to you all!! This band is continuing because of you lot. You can all pat yourselves on the back!
Update – we are working on an 11-track album which we hope will be released sometime late 2004. Like the EP, Mark Van Hoen and El Drezidente are producing and Alan Moulder will be mixing again. It’s all very exciting as it’s sounding very good in this early stage. We haven’t thought of an album title yet but here are some track names ‘Come, Sing Me A Song’, ‘Lover’, ‘Mr Karachi’, ‘Going Out Tonight’......
So there you go, who’d’ve thunk it?!! We did it guys.

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