Wednesday, July 14, 2004

EMINEM PROMISES: 'MORE PEE-PEES, MORE POOPS, AND MORE WEE-WEES THAN EVER BEFORE': The joys of the digital age, part three hundred and sixty: Eminem is to launch a radio station on the Sirius satellite network in the US. We suspect he won't actually be getting up at four to do the breakfast show, although he does seem excited at the prospect of being able to be free and uncensored:

"Once upon a time not too long ago, the feds wanted all my music off the air," Eminem said in a statement. "Now we'll be on Sirius 24 hours a day, playing the best hip-hop...not just from Shady Records, but from everywhere. I can't wait to start dropping new material, exclusive tracks and uncensored hip-hop featuring me and everyone else freely saying whatever the hell we want."

At this point an executive from Sirius whispered in his ear, whereupon Eminem apologised for using the "bad word 'hell'".

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