Monday, July 12, 2004

Jadakiss This

Interesting times in America, of course, with George W starting to drop hints about how, you know, holding elections could be a cause of terrorism and, really, if we want to sleep safe in our beds maybe we should stop doing them. Launching himself right in the middle of the political storming is Jadakiss, last seen driving with a car stashed full of, well, stash, now accusing Bush of knocking down the Twin Towers. (That's a hell of a conspiracy theory - how strong was the stuff he was on?). What's interesting about this, though, is that some radio stations are saying that both the clean and adult versions of the songs they were given had had the line taken out entirely. Other stations are playing the song in full, to, erm, no reaction at all - which means one of three things:

- Americans pretty much accept that Bush was involved up to his little eyeballs and aren't even surprised that anyone says so;

- They think that Jadakiss may be spewing some odd nonesense, but fully embrace his right to do so under the Constitution or;

- As soon as a DJ says "coming up, Jadakiss", most people retune.

We're going with option three.

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