Monday, August 23, 2004

HIS LIFE IS JUST A SOAP OPERA: According to an online posting, Pete Doherty has been attacked on the streets by a tabloid-shouting man. In his own words (or, more accurately, those of the late Anthony Burgess) Doherty reports:

"This was the scene then: Ice (a friend) and I at peace with the world and we share a cigarette as we stroll in a delirious Arcadian harmony. A fella in a baseball cap and Irish accent engages us in a tabloid exchange - calls me a crackhead and says he's gonna break my nose and stick a knife in my neck. He just flares up over nothing and all horror breaks out of guarded cage. I try to get across the road but get hit (not hard) by a car, he boots me full in the head while I am on the floor and punches me a few times or so full in the bilo face. My ears are throbbing like the proverbial flappers of Albion I am ready to perform. But he grabs my feet and drags me back into the road. Fuckin' hell. I scramble witless to my feet and stop the nearest car, get in and scream 'get the fuck out of here (mush)'"

It's this final bit that intrigues us - how many people in London would let a screeching madman get in their car and tell them where to go to? Not, I'd guess, that many.

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