Monday, August 23, 2004

NOT THE ONLY CHART THAT DOESN'T REALLY COUNT: We're not sure of the details yet of the chart that the FT reports ITV is developing, but we know the basics: ITV has signed a deal with Orange to produce a new chart programme counting down the week's best-selling ringtones. Although we find the idea of forcing Girls Aloud into the studio to mime to the Nokia 330 version of The Show, this really does just stink of a programme being created to fill the sponsorship, and not the other way round. Obviously, we are slightly curious as to what ringtones are best at proving the age-old saw about a fool and their money, but we're not sure we need a TOTP style programme built round the list. Isn't it also going to be going beyond the realms of cruelty to the artist to make them pretend to be excited that their hard-crafted piece of work is now rendered as little more than a social irritant, warbling out the top pocket of a blazer on the back of the 776 bus?

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