Tuesday, August 03, 2004

HOMETOWN PRIDE: He is, of course, the most famous son of the place, but it's proving something of a struggle for Aberdeen, Washington, to decide how to honour Kurt Cobain. It's tricky - what sort of statue would say 'it was this town that made him the man he was - the sort of bloke who'd want to blow his head off with a shotgun'? Amongst the ideas under discussion are a Youth Music Centre, or a billboard saying 'Come As You Are - the Birthplace of Kurt Cobain.' Of course, many people are snorting that building a memorial to a bloke who took drugs and said the F-word on the television might send out the wrong message - presumably that wrong message would be along the lines of 'Aberdeen is a cool place to live', but some of the sniffers seem to be getting won round by the argument that a monument of some sort might channel the Nirvana fans who otherwise wander round the town in an aimless, dazed fashion. It actually strikes us that that might be the perfect memorial for Kurt - a town tour that just takes people on a bit of an aimless wander for an hour and a half. They could make little signs and everything, and plan it so that just as its about to take you somewhere interesting, it disappears off down a one-way dead end.

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