Monday, August 30, 2004

LOOK OUT, RIAA - NOW THEY'RE SUCKING SONGS OFF SATELLITE RADIO: To you or I, a device which allows someone to make a recording of a thing on satellite radio would seem to be nothing more than a handy gizmo. To the RIAA, of course, it's a threat that will wipe out all the music in the world:

A spokesman for the Recording Industry Association of America said his organization had not reviewed the software, but said that in principle it was disturbed by the idea. "We remain concerned about any devices or software that permit listeners to transform a broadcast into a music library," RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy said.

Let's hope nobody ever tells them about the compact cassette - they'd have kittens. Meanwhile, if you're paying a subscription to XM in the US, and want to time shift programmes in the same way you do with your VCR, you can get the TimeTrax software for your PC.

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