Monday, August 30, 2004

MORE HOMOPHOBIC HOT WATER: The latest silly old homophobe to come a cropper is Sizzla. He's gone to Canada, but, because of worries about his previous statements on homsexuality, before he was allowed in, he signed an agreement with Canadian High Commission that he wouldn't incite hatred while on Canadian soil. Then he went and told a Montreal magazine that everyone should "Burn the sodomite...We won't tolerate homosexuals.'' Now there are calls for Sizzla to face the full wrath of Canada's anti-hate propaganda laws. We're quite taken with the idea that you grant a visa to someone providing they make a special undertaking not to do something that would be against the law anyway - it's like Sizzla's a particuarly dim child: "Now, you do realise that in Canada it's against the law to call for people to be murdered, don't you?"

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