Thursday, August 26, 2004

ROCKOBIT: Body Count guitarist Dennis Miles has lost his battle with lymphoma. The forty-five year old is the third member of the band to die, following drummer Beatmaster V (leukemia, 1996) and Mosseman (drive-by, 1996). Known as D-Roc, Miles took to wearing a hockey mask at all times to avoid the pressures of fame or, more precisely, infamy.

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Anonymous said...

God loves you and so he called you
we love you Dennis.
I am so happy to know that you met the Lord before you left this world. Just so sorry for all your suffering. We will never forget you.
So sorry that you had to go so young at least you knew you were loved and Aunt Corrine saw to that, her and her children.
She you when the Lord call us home.
Becasue I know your goodness and love made you heavenly bound.
Your cousin Catherine Butterfly.

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