Thursday, September 30, 2004

AS MONKHOUSE SAID: SINCERITY IS EVERYTHING - IF YOU CAN FAKE THAT...: Almost as if nobody believed her when she said she was still Jenny From The Block, Jennifer Lopez is taking lessons in how to appear to be normal. More curiously, she seems to think that might make people not treat her movies like clanking great oildrums filled with bile-water. Wouldn't hold your breath, Jennifer.

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Anonymous said...

Forgive me for abusing the Comments Facility. My postgraduate researches revealed only two important things: 1. the way the Steve Martins of the world get credit for antiquated bon mots and 2. the importance of the Faking Sincerity epithet.

I spent half an hour trying to crack this one once, and while the quote has been attributed to, among others, Ronald Reagan, Clark Gable, George Burns, Thomas Carlyle and Monkhouse, the earliest source I could find was playwright Jean Giraudoux (1882-1944). I post this here knowing XRRF's decent Googlejuice in the hope of proper attribution in years to come. But I know it's weeing in the river (© Peter Gabriel, 1986).

--Alan Connor

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