Thursday, September 30, 2004

LIGHTS ON FIRE: Elvis Presley gets in touch with us again, prompted by the nme's coverage of a fire alarm going off during Razorlight's Keele University gig:

This Razorlight story is/was the frontpage of the NME homepage

Jesus christ. This sort of nonsense was (semi-)understandable with The Strokes and the whole Rough Trade/Warner/Time Warner/IPC relationship but what have Universal got on them, simply that they're the biggest label with the most acts and biggest advertising spend? These days the paper's not even trying to hide the fact it's being lent on and turning even further into an advertorial rag for the majors. Stories like this and other stunts (like the stunning over-promotion of a certain festival-sponsoring beer) are making me feel grubby just picking the thing up.

... or it could just be that Razorlight are on the cover of this week's NME and it helps to give them an extra push? Talking of which...

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