Saturday, October 09, 2004

GENIE IN A BOTTLE: The use of the term "breakdown" is a loose one in pop music - some musicians do have genuine breakdowns, horrible, life-crushing mental collapses where they murder their mothers, retire to live in sandpits, or elect not to join The Power Station. Other times, the words "I had a breakdown" or "a kind of breakdown" means that the singer sat around their house watching Friends re-runs, feeling a bit sorry for themselves and possibly opening one too many bottles of a cheeky little red from the Rothschilds cellar. We'll leave you to decide exactly which sort of breakdown it is that Christina had after being compared to Britney Spears. Luckily, she found a way to stop the comparisons:

"It was kind of a breakthrough for me. I was shedding a skin, this image that the label tried to put upon me where I felt I was suffocating after a while. Stripped was very true to the person I was.

"It was a time when I felt, how can I break out of this shell?'"

Yes, stop the comparisons with Britney by not wearing many clothes and singing pop songs that struggle to be raunchy. That'll work.

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