Saturday, October 09, 2004

WHY HAVING SOME CHARITY WORK TO FALL BACK ON CAN BE A HANDY THING: It's mainly the good works he does for his community that saved Beanie Sigel froma longer prison sentence - he got sent down for a year for gun possession crimes, but without those hours spent helping others, he could have had a three year sentence. In his plea for a softer sentence, Beanie pointed at his children and said that he wanted them to be able to say "That's my dad, Dwight Grant. Not Beanie Sigel." Obviously, Dwight is his real name, he wasn't hoping they were going to be adopted by someone called Mr. Grant.

His attempts to recast himself as a positive role model was scoffed at by the prosecution who suggested that all the songs about raping the pregnant girlfriends of your enemies and pouring acid on their children isn't going to cut it down in citizenship class.

Maybe the judge decided to cut Sigel some slack: he's got other charges hanging over him following a Philadelphia shooting and another punching incident.

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