Saturday, October 09, 2004

IF A LAWSUIT IS MEANT TO SHAKE PEOPLE, SHOULDN'T SOMEONE NOTICE?: We're not sure the coverage of the BPI lawsuits was quite as light as The Inquirer suggested, but they have diagnosed another problem with the RIAA/BPI approach: each extra round of lawsuits they bring forward gets less and less attention. Since the whole point of the legal action is meant to send a message to the file-sharing community - the numbers getting the letters are such a slim slice of the total numbers sharing their musical discoveries with each other, it can't be viewed as a serious, direct attempt to deal with the "problem" - if there's no coverage of the lawyers going in, what's the point? Even at the greedy rates the RIAA are charging their targets for each track, they must be losing cash on the whole deal - if the world isn't paying attention, then it's hard to see what the RIAA are getting in return for their efforts.

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