Saturday, October 09, 2004

YES, IT PROBABLY WOULD BE VILE: George Michael has said that - although he loves him like a brother - he can't think of anything more vile than having sex with Andrew Ridgeley. Which would be part of the thing about loving him like a brother, as, for most people in most societies, having sex with your brother does tend to be a bit of an icky concept. You only have to look at Georgia in Brookside, who did have sex with her brother, Nat - and it was pretty vile, like watching a beautiful horse being ridden by a sweaty clown in burberry. Of course, if you stop and think about it, the thought of anyone having sex with Andrew Ridgeley is pretty off-putting, and we apologise for even mentioning it at lunchtime.


Anonymous said...

What makes life even worse is that Ridgeley gets to have sex with the outrageously divine Keren Woodward. And they say there's a God... :-/

Anonymous said...

"Comments on older posts require moderation before they appear on the site - generally posts will only be disallowed if they're spammy. That means you, The Used."

No one cares shithead!

Andrew Ridgeley is a complete joke just like the Texas Longhorns!!! All the morons who defend them deserve to be put in DEATH CAMPS! (especially the Mail readers!)

Keren Woodward will eventually dump his loser ass once she has found someone better just like the Nebraska Cornhuskers found someone better in the form of the Big Ten (plus Two) Conference and then we will laugh as Ridgeley and the Longhorns pitiful existence crumbles!!!

Until then, don't believe in any of that garbage about how Keren and Andrew's relationship along with the Big XII -II are doing just fine. It's only a matter of time before Ridgeley and the Big XII -II implode like rightfully so as all their enemies will be celebrating just like when Stanford mutilated University of Southern California twice in 2007 and 2009!

Andrew Ridgeley and the Texas Longhorns can burn in hell for all I care!

Galaxy Rangers Scarecrow: "I am the destroyer of worlds! And this is the moment I take Andrew Ridgeley and the Big XII's worlds!"

duckie said...

That's what this blog needs - more comments from the utterly demented. And it's one in the eye for the Texas Long-noses, whoever they are. Probably some sort of polka dancing troupe. See Simon, you've angered the true polka fans with your Johnny come lately promotion of this most precious artform.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Uh-oh... it's the polka CAPS LOCK DEATH CAMP for me, for sure...

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