Friday, November 26, 2004

"TRUST GOD" ADVISES STEVEN TYLER: While Mariah was out serving the turkey up to photogenic kiddies, Steven Tyler was helping women at a substance abuse centre in Boston. "Here," he was saying "here is turkey, and look - I was smacked out of my gourd on drugs" (he might have held up a pumpkin here as a little joke) "but I'm fine. And you know why? God. Yup." What he actually said was:

"If I can just tell them how good it is for me now, and that it is possible ... then I've done my job," said Tyler, who lives in the Boston area. "Letting go and letting God really does work," Tyler told the women.

We're not quite sure that telling someone hovering on the edge of an addiction to something that they should "let go" is quite the right message, but we know what he meant.