Friday, November 26, 2004

CHIN-STROKEY BOOK NEWS: Hey, have you ever bought a Radiohead album just to make the others think that you're intellectual? Have you waved around the library book format release of that album a couple of years back chortling like an eng lit teacher at a Shakespeare In The Park to show that you "get" it? But have you started to worry that maybe everyone else has caught up on your Radioheadpseudointellectualism? Then you need The Music and Art of Radiohead, a book due early next year which Thinks About Radiohead Too Much ("provides compelling close readings of the English band's music, lyrics, album cover art and music videos as well as critical commentary on interviews, reviews and the documentary film Meeting People is Easy. Established and emerging academic scholars engage Radiohead's music and art via concerns of broader implication to contemporary cultural studies. Topics range from the band's various musical and multivalent social contexts to their contested situation within a global market economy; from asking the question, 'how free is art?' to considering the band's musical influences and radical sonic explorations. Together, the essays form a comprehensive discussion of Radiohead's entire oeuvre"). The perfect gift for someone who has to buy all their own presents. [link lifted - along with the Garbage bit - from DJ Martian]