Saturday, November 27, 2004

THE WIT AND WISDOM OF TOMMY LEE: Apparently, it took "porno stars" to make Tommy Lee realise he has a larger than average penis, he tells Blender:

Probably when I started fuckin’ around with porno stars. ’Cause they see a lot of dick. That’s their job, right? So they see a lot. And then you hear from a girl, “Fuck! You’ve got a huge dick!” You’re like, “Wow, right on! Really? Compared to what?” And then you realize: compared to all kinds of dicks! Yeah, fucking with porno stars ruined my marriage. That was in ’93, right before I got divorced from Heather [Locklear].

Of course, the other thing about people who work in porn, Tom, is that they're used to making a lot of fuss about nothing. Indeed, in a real sense, that is there job.

In the same interview Lee expresses regret that when he was on tour in Japan, he never got to see Mount Fuji:

I’m a sucker for that kind of scenery and horticulture — the bonsais and the koi ponds and all that shit.

Fancy that. He went all the way to Japan and never got a chance to take in the views of the forests of bonsai.