Thursday, January 20, 2005

DOUBLE OR QUITS: Apparently these days Noel Gallagher is reduced to giving interviews to Nuts, the magazine for people who can neither read nor reach the proper porn. Anyway, he claims that Oasis had sixty-six songs from which to make the new album, but decided against doing a double because "we don’t want to give Sony too much ‘cos it’s our last one, so fuck ‘em."

Sixty-six songs? Now, since they abandoned the first version of the album after Glastonbury, and went back to square one, and assuming they finished the album before Christmas, we reckon that would mean they kept up a workrate of writing three songs a week for twenty weeks - which would either suggest they've suddenly discovered a rich seam of inspiration that's eluded them for the past decade, or else they've just been knocking out any old rubbish in a bid to get this finished. We shan't insult you by telling you what we're guessing here.

The title is rumoured to be Don't Believe The Truth. Don't Believe The Troll might be more accurate.