Thursday, January 20, 2005

HAT-TRICK: Away from the Fifth Avenue that is iTunes, and the Poundland that is Napster, Juliana Hatfield is trying something different: downloads on the honour system. Her website currently brims with mp3s (the alternative, extra tracky type stuff, but this is a social experiment) and the rules are explained:

When a song is downloaded, you will have an option. You can decide that ownership of this song is your right and freely distribute the files to your friends and to the people who also think it's their right, without payment. Or, you can support the artist who wrote and recorded this song and click the PAYPAL button to the right of the download link and send Juliana a contribution. The iTunes standard of $.99 may seem too high for you, in which case you can send $.50 - though there is virtually nothing else you can buy legally for $.50. Alternatively, you can think of the number of people with whom you might share this file and give a multiple of $.99.

If you don't have a means by which you can use Paypal or if you're opposed to the burgeoning online drain of your credt, feel free to send a dollar in the mail to Juliana at Fort Apache 51 Village Square Bellows Falls, VT 05101

There might come a day when the honor system is a strong enough code to let people like Juliana offer her songs on the web without the force of law or the sting of theft. In fact, today might be that day. Enjoy the songs. Support talent wherever you find it. On behalf of Juliana this site thanks you for your support.

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