Friday, February 04, 2005

DOHERTY BANGED UP: Pete Doherty's going to spend the weekend in jail, after failing to meet the large bail demand of Highbury Corner Magistrates Court. Almost as if the bench had got the idea that Doherty wasn't very good at turning up to places he's meant to be at, bail was set at GBP150,000 - money which Doherty's lawyer was just not able to raise in time.
(Having said that, The Guardian reckons that the record company got the money in on time) If he does make the bond on Monday, he'll still have strict terms to cope with - no passport, daily reporting to the cops and a curfew between 10 pm and 7 am - except when he's attending a drug rehabilitation centre (presumably they've gone 24 hours a day, then, like Tescos or pubs near the meat market). Most astonishingly of all, Doherty is going to have to be accompanied everywhere away from home by a security guard, pretty much in the same way the FA Cup is when it's doing it's tour of the nation.

We wonder what Kate Moss will say when she finds out that she can only have a romantic night with her boyfriend if there's a couple of other burly blokes with handcuffs there? "Brilliant", we expect.

I think we can assume there won't be a Babyshambles gig on February 22nd, then. Not unless it's over before nightfall.