Saturday, February 19, 2005

LET'S POKE ABOUT IN THE POCKETBOOK: The latest plan from the prosecution in the Jackson case: getting Jackson to produce his bank details. They seem to be about to embark on suggesting that Jackson put pressure the accuser and his family to take part in his rebuttal to the Bashir documentary to "protect his reputation and his fortune".

The defense, rather than suggesting this is a bit weak and doesn't really have much to do with getting kids drunk and touching their cocks, are fuming that to do this would involve bringing in details of other famous people's fiscal doings, and that that would hardly be fair. They suggest if these details came out in court, it could harm Jacko's ability to do work in the entertainment industry in the future. Although, of course, not as much harm as being thrown into D-wing and making friends with Big Al would do.