Tuesday, February 22, 2005

THAT WAS MY IDEA: The most puzzling thing about the sudden appearance of a writ claiming Britney and the studios stole the script for Crossroads is: what took Christopher Merrill so bloody long to notice? It's not like it's the most complex story in the world, and yet Merrill appears to have taken three years to spot the "shocking similarities" between Crossrodas and his own film script, Dream Alive. (Merrill, according the IMDB, has never had any of his work actually made into movies or anything, so it's kind of odd that the reports describe him as a screenwriter - until someone makes a movie, it's just paperwriter).

Personally, if we'd written a film and the only difference between it and a proper movie was the proper movie had Britney Spears in some flimsy tops in it, we'd keep quiet about it.