Tuesday, February 22, 2005

TO UPDATE CHURCHILL: A rumour will be snaking round the globe on a T1 connection while the truth is still struggling to plug in its dial-up modem: Now, there's a (clearly false) response to the Cher 'disses' Britney and J-Lo story. If you've not had a chance to scan the page today, you may have missed that Cher wisecracked she was quitting because of J-Lo and Britney, and - in a phrase it's impossible to say without a tongue in your cheek - said "yeah, they're hoes, aren't they?" Now comes the "response":

A rep for Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez responded to a report that Cher referred to both as hoes during a concert in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday night. "For someone who has had their fair share of bad press, it is surprising she would comment on two women she hardly knows," the rep told The New York Post.

Obviously, this is bollocks - who, exactly, would represent Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears? It's like saying "the guy who does Foreign Affairs for both the Iranian government and the Dutch said..." - so it's a made-up quote, but even so, didn't whoever said it suddenly get to the bit about "fair share of bad press", pause a moment, chuckle and go "oh, I get it..."?