Thursday, March 24, 2005


Mariah Carey isn't in no mood to compromise any more:

"I guess what it meant was, I've always felt I had to make excuses for a lot of things. People have always been like, "Are you black? Are you white?" "Are you R&B, are you pop?" It's always been some type of "let me explain myself and make apologies for who I am," and that's not what it's about. So it's a great feeling."

Eh? Who on earth has ever asked Mariah Carey if she was black? The only person we can imagine might have wanted some clarification was Stevie Wonder, and he's not got a problem with his ears as far as we know. And the 'are you pop or R&B' query makes a little more sense if you realise that people were probably asking 'is that meant to be pop or r&b' - it's not that you're hard to categorise, Mariah, it's just that it's hard to discern anything distinctive in your work.

Hint to record shop staff: File the Emanciaption of MiMi under whatever bit you dump the Anastacia albums in. 'Bargain Bucket' would probably do it.

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