Monday, March 07, 2005


The world might not have been that impressed with Minnie Driver's music, but surely it can't fault her keenness? She;s about to embark on a huge US tour, with an aggressive level of PR and 'contesting' around it. We do wonder, though, who the hell has decided what her key market should be, for the Press Release bounces that Minnie is:

Appealing to the 20 to 30 fashionista urban dwelling hipster demographic which is comprised of tastemakers and influencers of peer groups, Driver’s tour will target venues holding 500-1500. According to King, "This audience can be reached virtually nowhere else."

Ram a plastic rooster up my ass, if you liked Minnie, wouldn't you think twice before going to a venue chosen for that sort of person? If it wasn't bad enough that you'd be in a room with 999 fashonista urban dwelling hipsters, people might see you coming out and assume that you were one of them, as well.

Buyable: Don't give up the dayjob -
Everything I've Got In My Pocket, the album

The dayjob:
Princess Mononoke
- Minnie provides anime voiceover action