Tuesday, March 08, 2005


"Males search internet for porn" wouldn't be thought of as an eye-catching headline anywhere. Anywhere, it seems, but the Daily Mail:

Daily Mail front page

I guess we also shouldn't be surprised that every day Jackson looks exactly the same in the photos, should we?

The still-astonishing victory of the Sony Entertainment division over the electronics head is celebrated in the FT, which gives a big picture splash to Howard Stringer turning up to seize all the power. Head of one of the biggest companies in the world, and still wears Tesco ties, by the look of it:

FT front page

The Times, meanwhile, has some astonishing news: apparently there are people at the Times who still think that Boy George having a spat about Madonna is still front page news; even more astonishingly, they still call him "the gender bender", like it was 1982 and Jimmy Saville still presented Top of the Pops: