Friday, March 18, 2005


Well, if Bob Geldof was looking for an extreme reaction from his blah-rant against the press for not doing enough for Africa, he's got exactly what he was after. Eleven newspaper editiors have decided they've had enough [MediaGuardian - free registration required]and if steps aren't taken to end bitter old guys launching attacks on them, they say they'll stop going to the Press Awards (scene of the Geldof diatribe) altogether:

"The editors of The Guardian, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, the Daily Express, the Sunday Express, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday believe the organisation of these awards brings little credit to the industry or to the newspapers who win them, " the editors said in a joint statement this afternoon.

"Following the Press Awards ceremony earlier this week, discussions are now going on about what should happen in the future," it added.

Richard Wallace, the Mirror's editor said: "There is that old chestnut that everybody hates awards unless you win and Geldof's comments and remarks just fuelled what is always a night of great tension and has led everybody to question whether the entire awards should be changed, but to scrap them [an awards] entirely would be a mistake."

Oddly, the Sun and the Murdoch papers don't seem to be too bothered by Geldof's foaming. But then it was the wonderful Sun - Bob's apparent idea of what a newspaper should be - that invited Geldof on stage in the first place.

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