Tuesday, March 08, 2005


yes, it's that popular google search term all over again, as she agrees to do a cover for Allure magazine wearing just a necklace Kevin bought her. On his wages, that's going to be a mighty small necklace.

We're not quite sure what all the excitement is - hasn't she done this for Esquire before now? [Not Unsafe For Work, but not entirely comfortable either].

Meanwhile, she's revealed that it's not been all plain sailing with kevin - like most marriages, she got that three-week itch where "We hit a little bit of reality, hardcore." You've got to be fair to her, she's young, she's not used to marriages that last more than 24 hours - what would you expect. We think what might have happened is she realised that, no, that was all that he did.

Actually, it turns out that the problem was caused by the hitting of reality:

Before we got married we were on tour, and we were like kids, ordering room service, saying, 'Lets go out tonight.' And then all of a sudden you have this home, you have the kids, you have the diapers, get the dogs to the vet. It's this whole reality, you know,"

There can be nothing worse than the sudden discovery that your husband needs diapers. But your heart goes out to her: Britney thinks reality is taking dogs to the vet. Not even to the PDSA. She really doesn't have the first clue about reality, does she?


W. Farm said...

Wages? You mean his allowance, don't you? At the primary school I attended, students had a modest acount with the bookstore to buy pens, etc., which the parents would pay at the end of each month. One year I used it to buy my parents Xmas presents. So proud I was, and so disheartened when my father didn't consider it quite the loving gesture I thought it was. I was 10.
As for reality, Brit got married and suddenly has two stepchildren and an ex-whatever to deal with. For a Louisiana girl, that is an all too typical reality. You can take the girl out of the bayou...

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