Thursday, March 24, 2005


There had been plans for Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic to play Toronto on Good Friday; however, the Canadian immigration team weren't that keen on giving her a visa, mainly because her husband Arkan (Zeljko Raznatovic) was indicted on war crimes charges. Although he was shot to death before he could face trial.

Mendel Green, immigration lawyer, is outraged on his client's behalf:

His widow is "the biggest thing since Britney Spears. "This woman has been all around the world."

The concert has been delayed until next week, Green said, in the hopes the visa will be cleared.

Green said the visa request was made 30 days ago. "The tragedy is these promoters are going to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Yes, that is a real tragedy. You or I might feel that the ethnic cleansing that Arkan threw himself so cheerfully into would have been a bigger tragedy, but we just don't have the perspective. And while there's no suggestion that Ceca was involved in his crimes, she certainly made the best of the spoils:

Once Arkan and his popstar wife, Ceca, were doing a phone-in on Belgrade's Pink Television, when a female viewer rang to compliment Ceca on her fine gold and diamond necklace.

The viewer correctly described an inscription on it.

"How did you know?" asked the compere as the duo shifted uncomfortably on the plush sofa.

"Because Arkan stole it from me in Bjelina," came the reply.

We're not sure we'd be keen to invite her into our home.


Anonymous said...

mars u picku materinu
mi svi u Ameriki hocemo da vidimo Cecu
a ti moses se jebati so svojom politikom gospodine
me hocemo Cecu u Amerki

Anonymous said...

mars u picku materinu sa svom zaostavstinom komunistickih picki/moze i picaka

Anonymous said...

Honestly, she's not coming as the representative of any political view but as an entertainer. Being Canadian myself (though not of Serbian descent) I don't really see anything wrong with letting her come to do a concern.


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