Sunday, March 20, 2005


Moby has had a pop at Beyonce because of her commercial sidelines:

"I see so many public figures just gratuitously lending their names to products that I really don't understand.

"I just wonder why, like, Beyonce's doing this Tommy Hilfiger thing, and isn't it enough to have $50m? Do you need $51m?"

Moby, of course, wouldn't do such a thing. Indeed, he was much more savvy, allowing his music to soundtrack car adverts while still banging on about how evil cars are. So much smarter than actually letting your name be attached to your endorsements.

Moby is worried that picking on Beyonce may lead to trouble:

"It wouldn't be good, because then all of a sudden Jay-Z (Beyonce's boyfriend) and Damon Dash (Jay-Z's business partner) would be involved.

"I'd find myself at the bottom of the Hudson River."

That's the terrible thing about Jay-Z and Damon Dash - they're terrible with the pollution when they're dumping bodies. Maybe you should go and have a fight with Lil'Kim, Mobes - we hear she gets her henchmen to ensure all their targets get properly recycled. 85% less gets sent to landfill than Tupac ever managed.

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