Sunday, March 20, 2005


Now, here's something to raise the next time you find yourself in a moot court: if an artist tells you that he'd rather you steal his record off the web than buy it, and record companies insist that they're only trying to stop artists losing out when people download, does that make it okay to download? We only ask right now because Alex Kapranos is so pissed off at Roadrunner for releasing The Karelia album Divorce At High Noon, he's encouraging people to go and get it off bittorrent instead of at the shops:

"It's a bit strange to see Roadrunner re-releasing it now and making a big fanfare.

"There's something that doesn't sit quite right, because they dropped us and deleted us from their back catalogue and website - they completely deleted all trace of us.

"Do you want to know the honest truth? I'd rather people downloaded it from the internet than bought it off them."

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