Friday, March 18, 2005


Oooh, look... Freddy The Durst is just surfing that zeitgest, isn't he, judging by this exciting post from the Limp Bizkit blog:

i would like to ask you all to familiarize yourselves with the concept of FLASH MOBS. if you already know everything you need to know about them could you enlighten your friends and allies?

timing is everything in almost everything.

i will be posting pieces of information about our new album in little bits more often these days and they may not make any sense, but we don't care. this is intentional. there will be song titles and other things in every post i make, including this one.

the key is to pay attention. this way we can weed out the idiots who could care less. we don't make records for them anymore.

Flash Mobs! How thrilling - clearly Fred has heard about these mobile phones that everyone's getting and is sensing a marketing opportunity there. Wait till the dude discovers Txt mssgs - then the world will see something to make it sit up and take notice, eh? And we're delighted to hear that the Bizkit aren't making albums for people who don't care about them... erm, unlike before, then, is that? Did the last albums start with a desire to make an album for somebody who wouldn't buy it anyway? But hang on, Fred's back... maybe he's discovered teletext:

question #3
do you really think you know anything about why limp bizkit has made a new album? what you don't know cannot hurt you until you find out. all of the bullshit propaganda being attached to music these days is simply a cover up to get people to buy into something they may or may not identify with in the long run, but it helps the entertainment industry stay in the game of surviving from one day to the next by the seat of their pants. and you know what? there is never a moment that we can't do something about it. it is hard to say if it is all about the music isn't it? i mean music makes me connect with so many things inside my chamber of emotions and memories that have nothing to do with music. it's simply the fact that the music made me more aware of them. without music there would most likely be so many things that stay undiscovered inside of me. to me it's all about life and what is life without music? believe it or not there are people who know the answer to that question. find those people then compare your lives. limp bizkit is life as we know it and the music will be a reflection of that. we are very concentrated on intention and motivation and that leaves very little room for anything besides a full throttled expression of exactly that. the heaviest is yet to come.

Limp Bizkit "is life as we know it" - what, that shit series with Kelly Osbourne in it that got canned almost as soon as it took to the air? We're glad that Fred is taking a stand against "bullshit propaganda", though - yeah, the modern marketing of music stinks, doesn't it, Fred? How much better to launch a record with a Flash Mob. No bullshit propaganda there. We can't wait until you throw open the doors on your chamber of emotions. We just hope the gift shop is well-stocked.

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