Saturday, March 12, 2005


Danjo Metcalfe was happily tootling away through a covers set in the lobby of the Clifton Hotel, Scarborough. He got to You'll Never Walk Alone, when a bloke suddenly emerged from the crowd and started to bellow out the words. Danjo picks up the story:

"It was the last spot and I was just starting You'll Never Walk Alone when this guy came up, grabbed the microphone and started singing.

"I let him sing part of the song and then finished it off with him. I had no idea who it was but he sounded a very good singer. I thought he was drunk and had just started singing.

"Then afterwards someone from the audience told me who he was. I was just amazed..."

Yep, it was Gerry Marsden himself. Thank god someone recognised him... just imagine how embarrassing it could have been afterwards.