Friday, March 11, 2005


According to an ex-girlfriend - who has, of course, no reason to be embittered - Kevin Federline is a bit whiffy. He doesn't wash or brush his teeth. Or so she claims. But who knows? Since he married Britney and lives in a house with that fancy schmancy plumbing now, perhaps he's changed his ways.

Of course, it's easy to make fun of Kevin and Britney, but they really are trendsetters. Oh, yes - apparently, since they got married wearing sweatsuits, people have been desperate to emulate them. The company who made Kevin's velour outfit is enthusiastic about what he's done for their sales, but even they can't resist taking the piss out of him:

Sweatsedo has announced that they have sold every last Pure White suit in stock. Rich Kunkel, co-founder, is amazed: "It's unbelievable. As soon as this guy chose to outfit all his groomsmen in personalized velour sweatsuits, they just started flying off the shelves; we couldn't keep them in stock. Now if he'd only wear his hat on straight, we could hire him as a model."