Monday, March 21, 2005


What does music mean to you? Emotion, love, sadness, hearts, flowers, going la la la and giggling? You might want to look away now, then, as Toyota have launched a record label as part of a marketing write-off for the launch of its new American model, the Scion. Yep, music is now so debased, it's reduced to being little more than a way of flogging a few extra cars - they've even cut out the pretence of just using the music as a soundtrack to adverts (or "Moby" as it was known). Now, there's no way of even pretending to have any dignity. The whole existence of the records - initially from Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra - will be to sell vehicles.

And what vehicles. Meet the Toyota Scion:

Ugly, boxy, way too large and ruinious to the environment. It should fit in with being an RIAA member just fine.

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